Debt collection and bankruptcy

Are you owed money by someone that does not pay? Are you wrongly pursued?

  • I undertake the collection of claims, the defence against unjustified claims, and the general representation of creditors and debtors in debt enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings 
  • Credit collection is one of my specialisations; since my first internship as a student I have dealt with debt recovery and the SchKG (Bundesgesetz über Schuldbetreibung und Konkurs - Swiss Federal Statute on Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy) on a regular basis
  • I have been an editor for for more than seven years, where I was responsible for the jurisdiction of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court on the SchKG
  • I can provide legal advice and representation in matters of debt enforcement, insolvency, and all related proceedings
  • I also advise and represent clients on the recognition and enforcement in Switzerland of judgments issued abroad, e.g. enforcement of German Court orders and enforcement orders, in accordance with Swiss enforcement law