I generally bill by the hour. My hourly rate is CHF 250-450, depending on the sum in dispute, the difficulty and significance of the case and the amount of responsibility involved. In addition, I charge a fixed rate of 3% for minor expenses such as photocopying, postage, telephone etc. (larger expenses are invoiced separately) in addition to VAT, currently in the amount of 7.7%, if applicable. Alternative arrangements may be agreed upon.

Mutual trust and understanding are paramount. Therefore, the initial consultation is without obligation for both parties and (also) allows both sides to get to know each other. The time spent will only be billed if this results into an engagement.

Legal expenses insurance 
If you have a legal expenses insurance, it is best to bring the insurance policy and contract to the first meeting.

Legal Aid
If you cannot afford litigation, you may be entitled to legal aid, i.e. you will not need to pay Court fees and will be provided with a lawyer free of charge. Contact me in order to jointly assess your rights.

Litigation Finance
There are companies that specialise in financing litigation (litigation funders). See e.g.,,

External Legal Service for SMEs
A basic legal service at attractive conditions is offered to SMEs. Please contact me

When is it advisable to consult a lawyer?

Consulting a lawyer at an early stage does not necessarily mean higher costs. On the contrary: consulting a lawyer in time sometimes results in avoiding unnecessary costs. Business partners often negotiate a contract with confidence and put the commercial points on paper, without worrying about the applicable law or the enforceability of their claims. And there is nothing wrong with that, the legal review is, after all, our job as lawyers. However, it is advisable to have every contract legally checked before signing it, as this can protect you from unpleasant surprises. Avoiding a lengthy dispute later on (for example, regarding the interpretation of the contract) will significantly reduce the total costs you incur. 

Legal consultation in the background is advisable until the very last straw. It will help you knowing your rights when in negotiations with the opposing party, knowing the weaknesses and what you could realistically expect in the event of legal proceedings. This enables you to develop a meaningful negotiation strategy.

If you disagree with a judicial decision, quick action is required. There is almost always a period for appeal, after which the decision cannot be appealed against. It is advisable to set up a consultation as soon as you have received the decision and not on the last day of the period of appeal - the more time available, the more carefully we can prepare your arguments and gather evidence, thus increasing the chances of a successful appeal. 

Finally, contractual rights can often be exercised for a certain period of time only with regards to limitation periods. 

Thus, consulting a lawyer at an early stage is not equal to higher costs, but rather enhances safety and improves your chances. It often even helps avoiding unnecessary costs.